Well, it’s not the first time that I have worked with an artist and photographed the work… but now I’m doing quite a bit of work with an artist… Here’s a very cool Wolf Charm… It’s hand tooled and painted on leather…. You can see more of the art at it’s truly amazing to seeWolf_Charm

“Moving On To A New Adventure”

As with any new adventure, there are things, places, and most of all people that left with the last adventure….. The good news is with the magic of today you are able to keep in touch with the special people in your life…. This photo was taken by a fantastic photographer named Steven Underhill…. He’s an SF based photographer…. who from time to times lets me work on some of his photos…. this one I did a little touch to it… It’s an actor from NY…..  You can google Steven’s name if you need any photo work….. not to repeat myself…. he’s a fantastic photographer…. and a good friend… well it looks like I just repeated myself….


“Out and About”

Well, yesterday we went out and took a look around….. to do some test shots for my first Waterfall…. we found Looking Glass Falls just off the road and quite impressive it was… it was not a good time to take a photo but we did stop and enjoy the sight … I did take a shot with my x100 fuji just to get an idea…. really the wrong time of day, but it’s still impressive….LookingGlass_DSF7096

The Things We Remember…

There are times when you see something…… which makes you suddenly remember something…. it’s usually some small event in your life… that under normal times would not ever flashback into your mind… I was helping a friend do some work at a house and in the back area, I found this…. So what’s the backstory you ask….. Well, one summer a long time ago I got one of these can crushers…. and mounted it in our garage…. of course when my Father saw it he said why did you get this…. and of course, I was quick to answer with a smug smart ass tone to my voice that this would make smashing my cans quicker… to which my father said you only allowed to drink a 6 pack of coke a week…. and your foot was more than enough to take care of the job….you wasted your money and most likely won’t even use it……. as it turned out… he was right…. sort of looks like this has not been used much lately either…..