My Friend Dave….

Seems I have a lot of Daves that I know……must be a very cool name…..z_DSF1531


“500 Years and On…”

A few years back I was walking the streets in Venice, Italy….. As I walk across small bridges I realized that most of the roadways and bridges were built more than 500 years ago….They were made of stone, large pieces of rock….this week I’m out and about…..found this little crossing… I stood there looking at it I could not help myself from thinking it’s built in away liked the bridges of Venice….so maybe in 500 years a family will be walking here seeing this same bridge with their kids wondering who is “Ethel James Chase”?…..Image That……..


With a Little Help From My Friends…

Well, one might say a lot has happened….. Long story short…..being robbed of new Fuji camera gear not to be over shadowed by not 1 not even 2….but 3 heart attacks…. Then I met Dr Allen….. a heart surgeon after lots of testing it was a triple bypass….. so as I said a lot has happened….. My friend Louie one of the managers at Samy’s Camera started a Go Fund Me to help me…. and with lots of amazing friends I have replaced some of the gear lost….. Now with 2 1/2 months of time for getting better, the news is I get to go back to work….. and all I can say is I am ready….   Sept 5th is my first day back….. again because of special friends I am able to do a little traveling….. and trying to get back to snapping some photos….. so many people have helped me I can’t list everyone, but the one I need to thank is my son….. He showed up at the hospital the next day and stayed with me till after my surgery… and then took me to his home for over 3 weeks and cared for me….. his wife Amanda also put up with me too…. so now I’m doing some traveling and trying to get some photos….. and getting ready for the next chapter in my life which is coming soon….. if you would like to help the Go Fund Me is still going…. you can find it by going to go fund me .com and enter my email address…. and once again thank you to everyone…



Places they find things……

When I needed a few new veins they generally look for him on your own body….. I remember the doctor saying where we take out the veins will probably hurt as much as the surgery…. Well the doctor did an excellent job dr. Alan but he was wrong he did such a good job on the veins that they really don’t hurt at all but I thought I might share this photo as I sit out this morning sippin my 2 ounces of coffee…..,…..))IMG_20170621_081743-01