Time is a funny thing, you never really realize how much time has passed….. Well maybe not tell you run into an old friend…..Scott was a friend from what seems like a whole different part of my life… I can’t say that Scott and me were like best friends but the truth be known during that part of my life…. we did spend a lot of time with the fact that we both worked for the same guy…. Bob Carson…. That’s a name I haven’t thought about and longtime…. And over the years I’ve lost track of where Scott had gone….. But one that many little things that makes facebook work for me is the fact that I have found some old friends….. and how I missed that time… but lucky for me I reconnected with Scott…. and managed to get back together for coffee….. The first time I did not get a picture…. Imagine that me not getting a photo…. well the last time I got one….. They say a true test of a friendship is no matter how long it’s been since you have seen that person…. After a few minutes of talking it’s like you’ve never been a part….you find yourself laughing and just reminiscing and sometimes that’s the best part…..so I say to Scott…. thanks for being a friend….. And oh… I did get the photo this time….. just two old guys….. and what lesson is learned from this…. is to make time, have that coffee, and share the laughter…..