On Sunday after 4 or 5 months of pondering I decided it was time build myself a new camera kit for work and fun photo shooting.  So I gathered up a lot of my Pro Nikon Gear and make a trade…..  I went with the new Fuji XT-2 and 3 lenses to start with…..after work on Sunday I went to my weekly photo walk and met with friends and took photos…. I was in love with this camera right away…..even stayed out till after 11 taking photos…. Monday morning off to work with the new kit to share my excitement on the new camera…. After work, I headed home to take a look at some of the photos that I had taken….The ride home on bart…..well it is bart…. went as well as it could…  Upon my arrival, I grab my gear and went downstairs to catch the bus…. The bus was not there yet so I put down my backpack and camera case…. Zip up my jacket and started to put on my pack…. I felt that I had hit someone with the pack…as I turned around to see I realized that a man was trying to grab my pack… I turned and was able to grab it back…..but in the moment that I turned away another young man grab by camera bag and was gone 40 yards away at a dead run….. I was not going to catch him……and realize that I had just lost my new camera kit…. after a moment I just was devastated at the lost……I texted a few friends to report my lost…. I have never lost this much stuff at one time in my life.  I really did not know what to do and even thought that maybe I should just quit…..do something else……  Louie who is one of the managers at where I work took it upon his self and started a Go Fund Me page for me.  At first, I thought I have never asked for help I have always found ways to work it out… and was not sure of this, but after talking to a few close friends convinced me it would help…. The response has been amazing with people helping me out….  I am so grateful for what Louie has done for me and I will always be indebted to him.  I know how hard it is to make money in photography and how difficult it is to have any extra cash to give away so I so appreciate the help from so many even more… Photography has been a life-long love affair and I can not see myself without it…. So with the help of many, I might be able to put together a new kit and continue to help people new to Photography… Again I thank everyone for your help….